[isf-wifidog] Re: Q: Anyone have wifidog working on a GS using whiterussian

Wireless Guy wirelessguy at optonline.net
Mar 29 Aou 13:58:41 EDT 2006


I think I finally got everything straight on my GS unit so here's what I 
can tell you I did.

You are correct that the bin file is the firmware for the device itself 
with openwrt on it.
I had an old version of openwrt on there already so I could not just use 
the linksys interface to upgrade the device.

What I did from my windows box (don't stone me for not having a linux laptop )
was to run:
tftp -i PUT openwrt-wrt54gs.bin

and then plug in my router.

You may have to play with this a bit as the tftp session will only go thru 
during the very beginning of the routers boot sequence.

I was very lucky to get it on the first try (no such luck with my G unit 
which is still in disrepair).
once installed the device will automatically reboot itself.

You should be able to connect with normal telnet to
at the main screen you can then assign a passwd for root.
on the next reboot telnet won't work and you'll need to use ssh.

that reboot can take a while b/c ssh needs to generate its keys.

Don't forget that once all that is done you'll need to go into /etc
and do a ls -l
remove all the sym link files (e.g. rm dnsmasq.con)
and copy over the files from rom (cp /rom/etc/dnsmasq.conf . )

I'll keep going a bit in case you're actually following this process...

once all files are replaced you can use vi to edit some of the files.
I added my three nameservers to resolv.conf

you can then edit your ipkg.conf to have something like
src wfd http://downloads.openwrt.org/backports/rc5

run ipkg update
then try to run an ipkg install wifidog

If all goes well it will install itself and then you can modify the 
/etc/wifidog.conf file to suit your needs.

Personally, I've had a lot of issue with dependancies but hopefully you won't.
Just member that if things fail be sure to do a ipkg rmove wifidog before 
you try anything else.
(cleaning up ipkg is not much fun.).

- W

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