[isf-wifidog] Q: Anyone have wifidog working on a GS using whiterussian?

Wireless Guy wirelessguy at optonline.net
Lun 28 Aou 19:19:04 EDT 2006

I've been making some headway on getting the GS unit I have up and running 
using wifidog.

I was getting nowhere with my old version of openWRT so I bit-the-bullet 
and decided to try upgrading to whiterussian.
My countless hours of playing with openwrt helped and I was able to 
overcome the obstacles pretty quickly.

I got whiterussian working, added my password, connected vis ssh and 
removed the sym links.

Next I tried installing the latest wifidog ile off of openwrt.org
I was impressed to see all the dependances download and install successfully.
Well, almost all of them.

Apparently this guy is missing pthreads.

I'd guess that you may not know this unless you try to install wifidog off 
of a clean whiterussian install so I thoguht I'd share this with the group
so that you can fix this for beta3.

I downgraded to beta1 which installed pthreads but still had it's own 
issues other missing files.
Neither the beta1 or beta2 ipks I have here work for me.
Both allow me to communicate with the auth OK and login successfully but 
neither make any changes in the routing tables
to let me laptop see the world.

Can anyone help?


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