[isf-wifidog] Infinite redirect?

Wireless Guy wirelessguy at optonline.net
Dim 27 Aou 01:46:25 EDT 2006

Can anyone explain what is happening to me?

When my gateway tries to connect to my auth something strange happens.
The gateway sees the auth just fine and I get a pong.
However when a client connects to my gateway it gets redirected in some 
sort of endless loop and firefox tells me the page will never complete.

One other strange thing is that the forwarding URL (which should read 
www.google.com) actually reads the same as the auth that the request is 
coming from.
I mention it b/c I think it's all somehow interrelated.


I started to think that it was something I did to the auth so I tried a 
second auth and still had the same issue. I have a hard time believing it's 
my gateway. There so little to change there.

The only change I've made recently (which may likely be part of the 
problem) is that I've simplified my network and instead of forwarding 
around ports I'm having the auth answer
directly on 80 and 443.

Can anyone explain the behavior I'm seeing?


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