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François Proulx fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Jeu 24 Aou 02:11:54 EDT 2006

You have to copy the files so that you have something like


I suspect you have the wrong directory structure.

On 24-Aug-06, at 0:16 , Rajendra Jagad wrote:

> I have smarty problem but of different kind. I install the  
> authtentication server Ran the http://localhost:localdomain/ 
> wifidogpath/install.php
> After I click on next button I get
> PHP    OK    5.1.4
> Extention    Status    Note    Message
> xml    OK    Required for RSS support
> pgsql    OK    Required to connect to Postgresql database
> mysql    Warning    Required to connect to MySQL database  
> (experimental and not working)    MySQL extention is missing
> dom    OK    Required if you want to export the list of HotSpots as  
> a RSS feed
> gettext    OK    Internationalization support
> mbstring    OK    Required for core auth-server and RSS support
> mcrypt    OK    Required for RADIUS support
> mhash    OK    Required for RADIUS support
> xmlrpc    OK    Required for RADIUS support
> Component    Status    Note
> radius    Warning    Try in command line : pear install radius
> Auth_RADIUS    Warning    Try in command line : pear install  
> Crypt_CHAP    OK
> Todo : PostgreSLQ and MySQL version are not validate
> Now the 3 warning can be ingnored becuase those are optionals  
> installs so I believe I can Ignore them. when I click on next button
>  the permission required by wifidog are check and TIP is given That  
> Tip really help me fix the problem quickly, GREAT WORK ON That guys..
> Home: /var/www/html/wifidog/wifidog
> HTTPD username/group: apache/apache
> Directory    Owner    Writable
> tmp    apache    YES
> tmp/magpie_cache    apache    YES
> lib/smarty    apache    YES
> tmp/smarty/templates_c    apache    YES
> lib/magpie    apache    YES
> lib/Phlickr    apache    YES
> config.php     apache    YES
>  Here is where I run into problem. when I click next
> Smarty installation
> Smarty is known as a "Template Engine". Wifidog s internal  
> fonctionnality needs it.
> Download source code (Smarty-2.6.7.tar.gz) : Error
> Current working directory : /var/www/html/wifidog/wifidog/tmp/smarty
> wget "http://smarty.php.net/do_download.php? 
> download_file=Smarty-2.6.7.tar.gz "
> --00:22:13--  http://smarty.php.net/do_download.php? 
> download_file=Smarty-2.6.7.tar.gz
>            => `do_download.php?download_file= Smarty-2.6.7.tar.gz'
> Resolving smarty.php.net... failed: Temporary failure in name  
> resolution.
> I check the download path it is still good. But this scripts want to
> untar this smarty-2.6.7.. And  its not happening nor the download.
> So I manully downloaded smarty 2.6.7 and not 2.6.14 an
> copied the files form the libs directory to the php include path so  
> these class and includes files are aviable when the smarty that  
> came with Authenication server runs.
> How do I fix the problem so the smarty installation problem  
> disappear.. ?? or does the script needs to be changed. ?
> Raj
> On 8/23/06, François Proulx <fproulx at edito.qc.ca> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Today, I have finally solved the problem we've been having for many  
> months regarding translation of strings with variables in our  
> Smarty templates.
> All we needed is to know the awkward Smarty syntax. So here is how  
> to use it, if you are playing with the templates.
> ex.
> {"The %s network currently has %d valid users." |_|sprintf: 
> $networkName:$networkNumValidUsers}
> It is basically piping the sprintf-formatted string to Gettext for  
> i18n, then filtering it through the sprintf for spot replacements.  
> I updated the scripts to match the new regexp and fully updated the  
> French translations, this will be committed along with other stuff  
> before I leave for Boston next week.
> See ya !
> François
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