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Rajendra Jagad rjagad at gmail.com
Mar 22 Aou 20:48:13 EDT 2006

Hello Guys, I spend 12 hours yesterday with a Linux C programmer who told me
he does not know much about linux administration. To install PHP5.1.4,
PostgresSQL and Apache Server. With all the sub components like mbstring,
Php/dom, Php-xml, I first we install the PHP5.1.4 . We followed the
instruction to the letter. And found lot of information missing. Small small
stuff. Obivious person who wrote the document did not write the document
while installing the PHP.
Then there are so many different flavors of linux, Fedora, SeLinux,
freeBSD(non-linux may be) Just to mention a few. Then we have PostresSQL
that ill not run the database if you are login as Linux Root. So there are
user issues and owner issues,

It seems to me that no Linux guy wishes to write a proper document because
if they do the so called "fun" of Linux setup and installation will
dis-appear there will not be enough frustration left for people to get the
Pheroric feeling when the get the stuff to work.

The http://localhost.localdomain/wifidogpath/install.php helps a little in
letting us know what is working and what is not working. as far as the
install process goes . But it does not help us on installing the stuff

I try to make VNC to work on Fedora there is a well know font problem
related to path. I fixed it by copying the /xserver and the /X11 directory
to the location the Xvnc program looks to find it. So Now I have two copies
all the same stuff in two different location My programmer very knowledgable
in Linux programming and Shell Scripting.. Runs all the makefile stuff. And
now the Apache server stops working after reboot.

Please somebody tell me what order one should follow for installing
Authentication Server on Fedora Core 5 that would be greatly apprecaited.

Here is my advice from Experience.
Do Not install the PostgresSQL server that cames with Fedore Core 5(Add new
software) It does not have all the files that PHP needs to complete the
installation. Same with Apache do not Install the Apache Server 2.0 that
comes with Fedora Core 5.. Just install the basic Productivity Package and
then Download PHP5.1.4, Apache 8.1.4 and PostgresSQL 8.0 and follow the
installation instruction.




On 8/22/06, Benoit Gregoire <bock at step.polymtl.ca> wrote:
> On Saturday 19 August 2006 22:49, Kenneth Craft wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Still having a few issues with my implementation... There are several
> pages
> > in the admin section that come up blank. Specifically, the User Log, and
> > Online Users. I can access everything else in the Admin section ONLY
> when I
> > log in through the hotspots router though. When I goto the auth server
> from
> > a seperate network I get a blank page when I click Login. :-(
> Are you shure you've setup PHP to display errors?
> > Is there a tutorial or howto for customizing the Login pages? Or at
> least
> > something that helps lower the confusion when looking at the TPL files
> in
> > the Templates folder?
> Read http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/doc/developer/PortalCustomization.  You
> are
> not supposed to modify the template files.
> > Also, What the heck is the HTMLEditor for?
> Like a standard Langstring, but with a WYSIWYG interface.
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