[isf-wifidog] FlickrPhotoStream

François Proulx fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Mar 8 Aou 01:14:16 EDT 2006

> If I try any other settings, I don't even get the placeholders,  
> just a blank screen.

must be options that I haven't finished. I have to admit that we are  
using it only with Feature or Grid display on our portals.
I will have a look and complete what's missing + possibly add new  
features soon.

But for now these should work :
Grid Display will display a block of 9 pictures (for now, it's pretty  
dumb it'll only work if you have 9 or more pictures available)
Feature photo (last one).

select by tags works great, the others should work as well.

I'm not using any of title, tag, or description display. I'll have a  
look at the current CSS stylesheet generated for these ...

> Do I need to have GD or ImageMagick installed to downsize the  
> images to the
> thumbnails? or is that a Flickr API function?

You don't need anything special apart from Phlickr, Flickr already  
resizes the pictures.

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