[isf-wifidog] How to enable two GatewayInterfaces for Wifidog

Benoit Gregoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Lun 7 Aou 18:52:56 EDT 2006

On Monday 07 August 2006 17:48, berry groenendijk wrote:
> Dear Wifidog mailinglist,
> I am using an OpenWrt router (or a FreiFunk router, it does not matter in
> this case). Also running is OLSR. For OLSR to function correctly, the
> router is in Ad-Hoc mode. For Ad-Hoc mode to function correctly the LAN and
> the Wifi interface should be splitted.
> snip...
> I also have wifidog running. But, I can only enable wifidog for either br0
> OR eth1. Not both at the same time. Question is: is it possible to have the
> LAN interface separated from the Wifi interface but at same time have
> Wifidog capturing both the Lan traffic AND the Wifi traffic?

No, however, there is no fundamental reason why it couldn't listen to multiple 
interfaces.  Patches would be welcome.  Failing that, your should write a 

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