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This is great!

Thanks for supporting the development of wireless communities in  
general and also for the new website ... location portals is an  
incredibly interesting subject with hard to find quality information  
on the web.

Keep up the fantastic work, Max!

Michael Lenczner wrote:

> I sent this yesterday but it was held for moderation.  I love the
> wifidog project and I hope that this project is helpful to it.
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> Hello and sorry for the cross-postings.
> I've been working with Ile Sans Fil and our FOSS project WifiDog for 3
> years now.  Our goal was always to use our wireless infrastructure to
> support local communities *beyond* getting them access to the
> internet.  Transforming the captive portal into a location portal
> always was a large part of that achieving that goal.
> There's been some great work since then - notably Jo Walsh's work for
> WirelessLondon and Sean Savages PlaceSite, as well as Wireless
> Toronto's application of WifiDog - but there is a lot more potential
> in this particular user interaction.  I've just started a blog devoted
> to the subject of location portals - how to build them, how to
> intelligently discuss and criticize them.  Over the next couple of
> months I'll be reviewing the existing applications and visions as well
> as asking some of the people working in this area to share their
> thoughts - either in one-off's or as permanent guest-bloggers.
> I look forward to discussing these questions with those of you who are
> interested.  I think some more attention and collaboration on this
> specific question can have an important impact on the CWN movement, as
> well as simply improving another worthwhile tool for mobile (and
> remote) users.
> http://www.locationportals.net
> michael lenczner
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