[isf-wifidog] system_path - page content with mishmash of http and https links

Rob Janes janes.rob at gmail.com
Sam 29 Avr 12:24:55 EDT 2006

Hi Benoit-

It would be polite to send an email about reverting a specific change I 
made.  Just because I'm a volunteer and my time is free doesn't mean I 
like to waste my time.

The entry you made in CHANGELOG seemed to suggest that my change caused 
many errors for dev to resolve.  I did test that change against internet 
explorer and firefox, against the base wifidog code from trunk before I 
checked it in.  So, I am very interested to know what it was that I 
broke, if anything.

Now, the reason I made the change:

All the links on the pages were full url links with the http://hostname/ 
in front, or https.  The main problem was that I would get pages with a 
mixture of http and https links in them.  Everytime the page loaded I 
would get this prompt from the browser about this.  Browsers really 
don't like an https page with http content on it.  So I figured, this is 
really stupid.  The way it should be done is that all links on the page 
that don't go offsite should not have the http/https and hostname in 
front.  If you do that you are just asking for trouble.

Putting base_url_path and base_ssl_path all over the place is just 
asking for trouble.  Unless otherwise required you should be using 
system_path, which is an absolute path, ie rooted at /, but without the 
http/https and hostname.  Full URL paths with http/s and hostname should 
be reserved for links that change the mode of the connection from secure 
to non-secure or the reverse.

Is this http/s mixup what your dev had trouble with?  System path is the 
proper way to fix this.


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