[isf-wifidog] install/upgrade issues admin account

Aaron McCann aaron at toolbox.homelinux.org
Mar 25 Avr 14:08:50 EDT 2006

Hey François, thanks for the help.  I've spent the day going though my 
DB schema and comparing it to the new one.  Grabbed the changes I needed 
from shema_validate.php, and had to manually run some of the queries 
from install.php as the admin account thing was still not working.  I 
noticed in my networks table that network-_id was LOCALUSER instad of 
default-network. network_authenticator_params was too.  Strange.  Any 
way, I mad a DB backup made these changes and now (for the moment) 
things look OK.  We've had a few people on and using the network, so 
perhaps it's solved.  Thanks again!

Aaron McCann

François Proulx wrote:

> Wow, I'm clueless about how I can help you on this one...
> Can you compare your schema against the "initial_schema.sql" file ? If 
> you only have to one field missing, it's pretty strange... 
> I might suggest you to create a second instance from scratch and try 
> to import your existing data in there with some SQL script ... 
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