[isf-wifidog] Setup Error

Ken ken at ipl31.net
Mar 25 Avr 03:18:24 EDT 2006

On 4/24/06, Benoit Grégoire <bock at step.polymtl.ca> wrote:
> On April 24, 2006 09:46 pm, Ken wrote:
> > Wuff,
> >
> > I am installing the dog on an old FreeBSD 4.3 system. I have apache2,
> > php5 (psql,xmllib,mbstring),pgsql 8.1 all built from source.
> > Everything has been going pretty smooth so far, however I have gotten
> > to a point in the web installer where it attempts to upgrade the db
> > schema from version 29 to 31. At which point on the page titled
> > "schema_validate" I get the following error:
> >
> > Database schema upgrade
> >
> > Fatal error: Call to undefined function _() in
> > /apache2/htdocs/wifidog/classes/Dependencies.php on line 43
> >
> > Which points to the following code snippet, where it appears that it
> > was going to give me an error message, but encountered an error on the
> > way. Any help is appreciated:
> I just commited a small fix to SVN.  However your fundamental problem is that
> your PHP does not include gettext support.

Cool thanks Benoit.

Well that got me farther, now I get a php error saying
pg_escape_string is undefined. Which is odd because obviously pgsql
support is working if I can connect to the database. I realize this is
not a wifidog issue, but does anyone have any ideas why this function
does not exist? I will do some googling and report back.

On a side note, I have installed wifidog on other systems where I was
using packaged binaries for php/apache/pgsql etc... and everything
went really smooth, this is the first issue I have had.



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> Benoit Grégoire, http://benoitg.coeus.ca/

Ken Caruso
ken at ipl31.net

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