[isf-wifidog] Picking an AJAX library for wifidog

François Proulx fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Lun 24 Avr 19:39:15 EDT 2006

huh ? script.aculo.us in itself provides some cool special effects  
and some advanced Web UI elements that we might consider, but I doubt  
Wifidog really needs that, maybe as a bonus, but Benoit is asking for  
an AJAX framework.

Ideally I would suggest something that is based upon Prototype  
(script.aculo.us already uses it), since it's the most active, most  
complete, cross browser and efficient library out there, but there it  
only provides the client side part. There are a few good framework  
out there, but they are solid state and cannot be used sporadically  
(Symfony for example is a PHP clone of Ruby on Rails and Zephyr is  
very similar).

This page lists the PHP frameworks for script.aculo.us

So there is no out-of-the-box solution for Wifidog, we will probably  
have to code our own server-side responder, but let's make it very  
flexible and scalable by abstracting in classes the parsing logic. So  
one entry point with a few parameters to load the appropriate  
responding class...

Documentation : http://wiki.script.aculo.us/scriptaculous/show/Prototype
Prototype dissected : http://www.snook.ca/archives/prototype1280.png

The biggest advantage of using Prototype is the richness of its  
client side libraries and it abstracts all common crossbrowser  
problematic calls by choosing the appropriate equivalent. Prototype  
also enables us to use the Event-Selector library for managing very  
cleanly Javascript events (click, drag, timer etc... on html  
elements) using a clever CSS-selectors based system.


On 24-Apr-2006, at 6:40 PM, Benjamin Crulli wrote:

> Scriptaculous ?
> On 4/24/06, Benoit Grégoire <bock at step.polymtl.ca> wrote:
>> We have to pick one, and only one soon, before UI hacking  
>> degenerates in a
>> mess of libraries and custom implementation.
>> I have no strong opinions on which one to chose.
>> Important factors I can think of:
>> -Good PHP integration
>> -Can be integrated in our class and UI separation properly  
>> (especially when
>> setting up it's responders).
>> -Good documentation
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