[isf-wifidog] install/upgrade issues admin account

Aaron McCann aaron at toolbox.homelinux.org
Lun 24 Avr 00:59:53 EDT 2006

Dunno if you're gonna belive this, but the schema version shows to be 
38.  When I first started the install.php, it did mention updating the 
schema from about 34 or so.  I'm trying to upgrade to SVN revision 1018 
from one of the CVS versions right before the switch.


François Proulx wrote:

> Wow ! You appear to be running a very old version of the code, since  
> if you don't have the "never_show_username" field in your schema. It  
> would mean you are running a code with schema older than schema 6,  
> which dates many many months (pre-May 2005). Is it possible ?
> Can you check in your database what's your schema version (Table  
> schema_info, "schema_version" => value)
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