[isf-wifidog] Send email apon attempted internet access

Mina Naguib mina at naguib.ca
Mar 18 Avr 22:10:27 EDT 2006

Hi Jason

What you'd want is essentially "captive POP3".  The WiFiDog client  
already does captive HTTP, so you can rip through it for an  
understanding of how it works:

An implementation of a secondary captive protocol (DNS) I implemented  
but never made its way to the main trunk is here (combination of  
iptables redirection rules and dnsserver_thread.c):

Feel free to quiz myself or the mailing list in general with any  
specifics you need help with.

On 18-Apr-06, at 8:49 PM, Jason Potter wrote:

> Hi Benoit,
> I would be interested in looking into it further. Can you put me in  
> contact
> with someone who I could quiz further on the topic?
> Regards
> Jason
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> On April 18, 2006 01:46 am, Jason Potter wrote:
>> Hi There,
>> A friend of mine was in Paris recently and came across a hotspot  
>> that sent
>> him an email automatically telling him he was in a hotspot and the  
>> url to
>> go to login.  He had not entered any details at this point.  Any  
>> ideas on
>> how this would be done?  Could it be something WiFi-Dog could do?
> They run a POP and (possibly IMAP) daemon that always has a single  
> message
> with the instructions.  It only works if you try to check you mail  
> with a
> or IMAP client (not webmail).
> It would be quite possible to write such a thing as a wifidog gateway
> module,
> we even discussed it at one point.  But no one is working on it or  
> (as far
> as
> I know) planning to work on it.
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