[isf-wifidog] Send email apon attempted internet access

Jason Potter jasonp at iinet.net.au
Mar 18 Avr 01:46:34 EDT 2006

Hi There,


A friend of mine was in Paris recently and came across a hotspot that sent
him an email automatically telling him he was in a hotspot and the url to go
to login.  He had not entered any details at this point.  Any ideas on how
this would be done?  Could it be something WiFi-Dog could do?


I don’t speak French but I have pasted the email below that was sent. I know
there are a few French speakers on the list so an interpretation of the
email below would be appreciated.


From: Netinary Access point [mailto:Netinary Access point]

Sent: Friday, 14 April 2006 9:54 AM

To: ruwan

Subject: Acces plateforme





Vous désirez consulter votre messagerie et accéder à Internet ?

Vous devez tout d'abord vous authentifier ou vous enregistrer à l'Url

suivante :


https://login.netinary.net <https://login.netinary.net/> 






0412 356 747


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