[isf-wifidog] Wifidog for olsr mesh

Saul Albert saul at twenteenthcentury.com
Dim 16 Avr 11:07:35 EDT 2006

On Sun, Apr 16, 2006 at 08:04:07PM +0530, luffy .D wrote:
>    In my scenario i want to have a central auth server and gateway in a linux
>    machine rather than using gateway server nodes.
>    I wanted to know if its possible.This is because i will be using the olsr
>    nodes in adhoc mode for connection to clients.
>    I have seen some references of olsr + wifiog in the documentation and says
>    its used by Wireless London.
>    In thats case are the olsr nodes used for client connection or do they use
>    AP is Infrastructure mode?
>    I am not much experienced in this but i have to do this.Please excuse me
>    for these conceptual doubts i tried gathering references
>    but still things where confusing.

Hi Luffy :)

We are on a development break right now... hopefully resuming soon!

When we were moving at 9 million mph, (last October) we were using the
Friefunk Firmware distribution:

And a version of wifidog, patched by Schuyler Erle that grabbed the
wireless interface's mac-address to use as a unique key to allow people
to flash FFF onto a new wrt, install wifidog, then be guided through a
'hello, we've never seen this node before' type step-by-step to get their
node onto the node databse (again, under development at

One significant gotcha: We noticed that the auth-server didn't work when
you were two hops away from the node with a wired uplink direct to the
gateway, so Bruce Simpson wrote us this shell script that ran on each wrt
and prevented the client getting splashed by more than one wifidog


We had pretty much achieved proof of concept for olsr + wifidog +
friefunkfirmware... and Jo Walsh was developing some beautiful backends
to expose using the splash portal... but we had to take a break!

Anyway - hope some of this research is useful to you, do let me know if
you have any questions. What you want to do is possible, as far as I
know, and we would be really grateful for any feedback or suggestions
you might have..



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