[isf-wifidog] Radius again

Ray Gwinn wifidog at wva.net
Ven 14 Avr 20:02:57 EDT 2006

Bingo!  Thank you.


On 14 Apr 2006 at 19:39, François Proulx wrote:

> You need to go to the Administration interface. Click on Network management, then create a new 
> network that will use RADIUS.
> Edit this network, under Authenticator class, type in "AuthenticatorRadius" (we will eventually 
> improve this interface by adding a combo box...
> Then enter the parameters : 'my_network_id', '', 1812, 1813, 'secret_key', 
> 'CHAP_MD5'
> Don't forget the single quotes
> my_network_id needs to match the ID of the newly created network.
> On 14-Apr-2006, at 19:32 , Ray Gwinn wrote:
> I appoligize for being so dumb. I looked through all admin interface pannels, and could not
> find anything about radius.
> Can you tell me what I am missing? Is it possible that something needs to be set in the code

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