[isf-wifidog] auth server install password

Jamie Ray jamieray at knet.ca
Sam 8 Avr 16:35:07 EDT 2006

I have created my WifiDog postgres database using the instructions at the
WifiDog config page on my server, but can't for the life of me find the
random password it generates.

The instructions read:

"Security : For now, a really simple password protection is in place. To
find the password type this in command line:"

  ls -ld /var/www/wifidog | awk '{print $6$7$8}'

I get the output of "2006-04-0813:34/var/www/wifidog" after running the

I am not sure where to dig the password out of.

I also tried finding the random password in /tmp/dog_cookie.txt, but this
file doesn't seem to exist?

Thanks for any help you people can provide me.


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