[isf-wifidog] Customising portal

Maya Wiseman maya at scriptshifter.com
Sam 1 Avr 12:17:55 EST 2006

Totally agree, needs not distribution lisence govern platform choice.

This thing needs to run on a location-aware service.

Just to be clear, I recognise that I am a mere havoc-wreaking web 
designer. I'm not actually implementing any wifidog-related thing.

I only hoped to understand enough be able to imagine a plausible 
installation procedure.

The question is:
 > If it runs externally and gets called from an iframe or a "URL to show
 > instead of the portal", can it conceivably talk to wifidog about users
 > and their login status?


 > If you don't need most of the code from WiFiDog and just want an end-
 > end-end-end-user-friendly web editing system,

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