[isf-wifidog] authserver problems

Philippe April isf_lists at philippeapril.com
Jeu 29 Sep 09:37:45 EDT 2005

On 28-Sep-05, at 11:41 PM, Hayden Myers wrote:

>> It would be nice to know what the initial problem is, but regarding
>> the fact that the user stays "online":
> The initial problem is that users aren't getting the auth server  
> login.
> I'm beginning to think it's a gateway problem and not an authserver.
> Unfortunately I only had time to setup 3 gateways.  2 are
> very low traffic and aren't helping me right now because I can't  
> prove my
> theory just yet. What leads me to believe there's problems with the
> wireless connectivity at the access point level is the dhcp lease  
> hasn't
> been updated in some time.  I noticed that the nvram seems to have  
> repeat
> values in it.  From what I've observed, there's doubles of everything.
> 490 lines running on top of whiterussian rc2 on a wrt54gs 1.1
> My former boss did say something about changing the channel around and
> messing with a and b mode.  I'm not sure what values he messed with  
> cause
> he was a bit vague.  I wonder if this is more of an openwrt  
> wireless issue
> than wifidog, but feel free to comment.

Uh oh. :)

I think it's more openwrt related.. but if you want, spit your:

iptables -a
brctl show
nvram show | grep ^wl0_
nvram show | grep ^wifi_
nvram show | grep ^lan_

To me OFF-LIST so to not disclose any informations to others, and  
I'll see if I can find anything weird that could help!

>> The job that cleans the users is run periodically, I think in the
>> older versions it was when the portal was being requested.
> So it should always show one user online, or is accessing the portal
> administration interface considered requesting the portal?

Theoretically. Depending on the snapshot you have.

>> So for the initial problem, the reason why your old boss called you,
>> please provide (try to get) more informations! :) (unless it's just
>> because of that "users stay online" problem).
> the users stay online problem is just a hint to finding the underlying
> problem.  I ran the cleanupusers script and it spit something about
> SERVER_NAME not being found but it cleaned up the dead user.

The script is most likely out of date, thanks for reminding me to  
update it :)

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