[isf-wifidog] authserver problems

Hayden Myers hayden at spinbox.com
Mer 28 Sep 23:41:03 EDT 2005

> It would be nice to know what the initial problem is, but regarding  
> the fact that the user stays "online":
The initial problem is that users aren't getting the auth server login.
I'm beginning to think it's a gateway problem and not an authserver.
Unfortunately I only had time to setup 3 gateways.  2 are
very low traffic and aren't helping me right now because I can't prove my 
theory just yet. What leads me to believe there's problems with the
wireless connectivity at the access point level is the dhcp lease hasn't
been updated in some time.  I noticed that the nvram seems to have repeat
values in it.  From what I've observed, there's doubles of everything.
490 lines running on top of whiterussian rc2 on a wrt54gs 1.1  

My former boss did say something about changing the channel around and
messing with a and b mode.  I'm not sure what values he messed with cause
he was a bit vague.  I wonder if this is more of an openwrt wireless issue
than wifidog, but feel free to comment.  

> when you shutdown the gateway, it won't send a "put offline all users  
> who were online here" message, we don't have this implemented yet.
that makes sense then.

> The job that cleans the users is run periodically, I think in the  
> older versions it was when the portal was being requested.
So it should always show one user online, or is accessing the portal
administration interface considered requesting the portal?  

> So for the initial problem, the reason why your old boss called you,  
> please provide (try to get) more informations! :) (unless it's just  
> because of that "users stay online" problem).

the users stay online problem is just a hint to finding the underlying
problem.  I ran the cleanupusers script and it spit something about
SERVER_NAME not being found but it cleaned up the dead user.  


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