[isf-wifidog] authserver problems

Hayden Myers hayden at spinbox.com
Mer 28 Sep 18:27:49 EDT 2005

I setup a couple wifidog clients and an authserver at my last job.  For
the most part it's worked wonderfully however I received a call today from
my old boss saying it's having problems.  The gateway and authserver are
both up.  The gateway can see the authserver, but the authserver doesn't
seem to be updating when I take the gateway offline and there is still a
user listed as online when they aren't anymore.  The gateway is at a
remote location and I can't troubleshoot the wireless.  I'm assuming it's
something weird with the authserver.  I'm using an older version of the
authserver.  Any pointers for troubleshooting are greatly appreciated.

Hayden Myers	

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