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Marios Moutzouris m.moutzouris at neuron.gr
Mar 27 Sep 08:44:20 EDT 2005

Which version of wifidog and openwrt are you using? I had the same problem
and it came out to be the redirect module/iptables.





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I have WiFiDog running on a WRT54G, and my auth server (running on debian)
plugged into port 1 on the linksys.  

I can ping the auth server ( from the router without a
problem.  There weren’t any errors on the setup of the auth server

or on the gateway when I ran wifidog –f –d 7.  

When wireless clients connect to the wireless router and try to go to the
internet, they are forwarded directly to their page.  

Any idea why the router wouldn’t stop clients and force them to the auth

I’m trying to find a way of attaching the output of the wifidog –f –d 7
command to an email (since it’s on the linksys, I don’t have a lot of
options available to me like FTP, email client, or even just copying the
output to disk).

I saved the output to a file, and ran grep for “auth”, and I don’t see any
errors.  Some of the lines read:

A lot of firewall stuff (adding rule, etc.)

(date/time)  (centralserver.c:304) Level 1: Connecting to auth server

(date/time) (centralserver.c:330) Level 1: Successfully connected to auth

more firewall stuff

Unlocking Config

Config unlocked

Connected to auth server

AUTH_ONLINE status became ON

HTTP Request to Server: [GET /ping/?gw_id=FarragutWiFi------<--more stuff,
all of it looks correct]

reading response

Read 287 bytes, total now 287 bytes

HTTP Response from Server: [HTTP/1.1 200 OK date/time/ Server: Apache/2.0.54
(Debian GNU/Linux) mod_python/3.1.3 Python/2.3.5 PHP/5.0.5-1 mod_perl/2.0.1

X-Powered-By: PHP/5.0.5-1

Content-Length: 4

Connection: close

Content-Type: text/html

X-Pad: avoid browser bug


[7] [date/time] (ping_thread.c:226) Auth Servert Says: Pong

running fw_counter()

Locking client list

Client list locked

Unlocking client list

Clint list unlocked

Running ping()

Entering ping()

Locking config 

Config locked

Level 1: Calculated 1 auth servers in list

Level 1: Resolving auth server []

more, much more, but most of it is a repeat of this, or a firewall rule
being configured.  

Any ideas why clients aren’t being re-directed?

Thanks for any help,

Dan Holton
IT Administrator

Callahan & Associates, Inc.
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