[isf-wifidog] Some new features

Saul Albert saul at twenteenthcentury.com
Sam 24 Sep 13:50:09 EDT 2005

Hi Philippe,

On Sat, Sep 24, 2005 at 02:03:34AM -0400, Philippe April wrote:
> *1. I added {Saul Albert,Jo Walsh,Schuyler}'s patch to send MAC  
> address as the node_id.

yay! Thanks :) we so love to be able to use the default distro and point
people straight to wifidog.

1 point - it's not my patch :) I did, for the first time, pick up a book
on C and spend an afternoon trying to do some seriously dumb copypaste
coding on this one, but in the end it was jo's idea and schuyler's code
that did it :)

Also, another bit that might interest you is a script that BMS (bruce
simpson) wrote to get around the multi-hop splash problem.

We are using freifunk firmware -
on our wrts to provide an easy, web-configurable olsr mesh routing
solution, and during wsfii - http://wsfii.org next week, we'll have some
of the developers here, along with Benoit, Francois and Michael.. so it
might be a good time to see if we can get wifidog rolled into the FFF
openwrt distro.

We came across the problem that if we are hopping across (well, tunelling
through) several olsr nodes to get to an uplink, we get splashed first by
the box we're associated with, then, by each wifidog-enabled box on our
way to the gateway. Also, past the first one, auth doesn't work because
it thinks we're connecting as the first wrt... not as a client.

So bruce hacked up this solution, to be run by cron on each wrt
(attached - and here :
afaik, it polls the olsr database for neighbours, and adds rules to
iptables, allowing each olsr node to pass traffic through without getting

That way, you only get splashed by the node you're associated with, and
from there get clear through to the gateway.

This is nice, as it means that if your gateway is 500 meters away, but
your node is in a cafe with no dsl, you still get splashed with details
about that cafe, not about things happening near the gateway.

Bruce said this might be better working as a daemon, but I haven't worked
out how to do that yet, or how to get it rolled into FFF which I had
trouble building..

hope this is in some way helpful.



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