[isf-wifidog] Some new features

Jerome Kerdreux Jerome.Kerdreux at brest-wireless.net
Sam 24 Sep 11:01:58 EDT 2005

On Sat, 24 Sep 2005 10:45:32 -0400
Philippe April <isf_lists at philippeapril.com> wrote:

> If you tag the connection "USED" on the auth server, next time the  
> counters are updated (every 1 minute or so), the user will be kicked  
> out. If you do that AND you tag his profile as "denied", he won't be  
> able to re-log in.
> Or, on the gateway:
> ./wdctl reset <insert mac or IP here>
> Right now, I added a new chain for the trusted MACs, basically the  
> traffic is tagged as "Known traffic" if it comes from defined MAC  
> addresses from the config.

Yes, but the reset seems to be broken in the latest ipkg. In fact
if you reset the MAC, I will be drop by wifidog, but the user can
still surf. 

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