[isf-wifidog] bypass user login

Dan Holton DHolton at creditunions.com
Jeu 22 Sep 09:51:30 EDT 2005

What you're working on sounds PERFECT.  That's exactly what we're
looking for.   

I'm running the client on the linksys WRT54G (running open WRT - white
Russian) and the auth server is on a debian box.

Dan Holton
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Callahan & Associates, Inc.
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There's a couple of ways to do it, but I have to say I'm working on  
some code in Wifidog to just show up a disclaimer (or nothing) and  
forward to a defined URL, so there would be no need for an  
authentication server in case you did not want any.

Did you try WiFidog on a linux machine, or on a linksys WRT54G  
(running linux)?

Philippe April
GnuPG http://key.philippeapril.com

On 22-Sep-05, at 9:26 AM, Dan Holton wrote:

> First let me say how great WiFiDog is.  I'm really impressed with  
> all of the features/option it offers.
> Unfortunately for my situation I need to bypass anything that asks  
> a user to log in.  Our wireless system
> is going to be completely open, so I don't want to confuse/scare  
> anyone with a login prompt.
> Can someone please let me know the easiest way of accomplishing this?
> If it's editing a lot of code, the more detailed the response the  
> better since I'm not really a programmer (yet),
> but rather a network guy.
> Ideally wifidog would just redirect a user to a landing page  
> (either on the Auth server, or the front page of my company's
> web site), and then let them freely browse the web.
> Thank you very much for any help,
> Dan
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