[isf-wifidog] Re: jabber chatting between users

Michael Lenczner mlenczner at gmail.com
Dim 18 Sep 18:23:56 EDT 2005

Thanks Rob.  I think you're right about it being a killer app.  If we
can tie that in with wifidog *and* we improve the portal so that
designers can make the portal look the way they want it to, then well
have something pretty irresistable.

I've gotten a couple other responses too (two from ISF vols).

I'm going to talk to people at WSFII along with Benoit and Francois.
Hopefully we'll figure out the basics of how to best tie it in -
hopefully as independently/modularly of wifidog central server as
possible.  Also we should have an ballpark figure of how much work is

Then  - I'll look for some $$.  We have some at ISF, but not much.  
I'm not sure if the board will figure this is the right way to spend
the money at this point in time - depends on how much it'll cost.  If
we do have money - priority would probably go to an ISF vol, but only
if s/he's got the expertise to do it right.

On 9/18/05, Rob Kelley <robjkelley at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Count me interested.
> Getting location-based IM would make a killer app, especially if the
> authentication could hook into wifidog and tikiwiki.  that's something
> I've been interested in for awhile.
> That said, sociabledesign.com's free SociableChat is pretty cool:
> http://www.sociabledesign.com/software/sociablechat
> It's especially nice to have intimate versus broadcast conversation
> based on where you're avatar is located on the screen.
> Rob Kelley
> http://nycwireless.net
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