[isf-wifidog] basic auth server.

Ian White ian.white at datamile-computers.com
Ven 9 Sep 12:07:01 EDT 2005

More a set underlying object and api.

wifidog is an excellent replacement to nocat, and lots of people could move to
it if they could build their own OS auth server. The two way comms is such a
great benefit in being able to remove people remotely etc.

i.e. Locust world uses nocat, but if it changed to wifidog, then the 
benefits of
two-way comms would be major.

publicip is using wifidog, but has it own mysql auth server.


Quoting Max Horváth <max.horvath at freenet.de>:

> Here are my 2 short cents regarding to the portal ...
>> Well, the code is much more object oriented now, which improved  
>> separation a
>> lot.  Defining splash-only hotspots (hotspots with no login page), and
>> defining custom urls to redirect to instead of the portal is also  
>> supported.
>> However, administering your auth server still depends on the  default UI
>> (altough you can have a custom CSS).
>> Wrapping a different portal system around the current auth server  
>> would not be
>> very difficult, and could be standardised with a minimum of  collaboration.
>> I would however be interested to know what you want in a portal  system that
>> the current one doesn't provide and that could not be integrated to  it.
>> We made a herculean effort to make just about everything visually  
>> defined by
>> the CSS.  I admit that there is work left in modularising toolbar  content
>> handling in the code, but other than that we don't really see what  couldn't
>> be integrated.  I do understand however that it may not be obvious  
>> right now
>> to someone digging in the code WHERE they are supposed to plug into.
>> We most probably missed several use cases, but we would like to  
>> know them so
>> we can continue to improve.  Especially right now since we are in  
>> the middle
>> of a partial rewrite, and the UI for the login and portal  
>> interfaces haven't
>> been revised yet.
> It would be great to be able to use custom templates or classes. In  
> most cases this would mean to have no work in applying the CVS  
> patches ...
> It's great that everything visually is defined by CSS - the only  
> thing to be added should be an administration panel where you could  
> decide which blocks should be displayed and in which order they  
> should be displayed. In this case the portal would be fully  
> customizable ...
> Cheers, Max!

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