[isf-wifidog] Fixing the bug concerning ID containing periods

Robin Millette millette at waglo.com
Jeu 1 Sep 00:08:23 EDT 2005

Proulx François wrote:

> So, if there was a period it'll be left untouched by urlencode. The  
> hash is thus needed to circumvent the problem.

Hmm, do you mean that the value needs to be fixed, or the actual 
variable name ?

The value shouldn't be affected, even if it contains a space, period or 

Or is it something like

<form ...>
<input type='text' name='THIS ID' />

and you want to make sure the variable name "THIS ID" comes out alright?

Never mind me if I'm completely dans le champs though, I didn't check 
the context. But if we're talking about the value of "THIS ID", then 
like I said, it really shouldn't be affected, whatever it contains 
(apart from automatic urlencoding and symmetric urldecoding).

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