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Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Jeu 27 Oct 23:12:38 EDT 2005

>>> I think the answer is writing a decent UI for OpenWRT with WiFiDog
>>> config options, which is half of what I've been working on as of  
>>> late,
>>> and I would highly recommend that something added on to nbd's
>>> interface
>>> ( http://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic?id=2697 ) be looked into.  It's
>>> probably the best interface I've seen, and it's much better than
>>> wrestling around with the alternatives out there.  A nice add-on to
>>> the
>>> UI with the basic config options would probably do wonders once
>>> this is
>>> up and going.
>> That's what I been doing ...
>> I just took nbd's great webif package and customized it.
>> Basicly what I did was to remove a lot of stuff I didn't wnated to be
>> set by a hotspot owner and added an easy little configuration page
>> for WiFiDog. If I wouldn't have removed some stuff and translated
>> everything into german I'd already have relased it to the WiFiDog
>> community - but knowing of how easy the webif package can be
>> customized I thought there would be no demand.
> Well, I think that there is a demand.  I just don't want to be
> re-inventing the wheel all the time, which is a lot of what I seem  
> to be
> doing as of late.  Even if it's trivial, I'm already doing other
> customizations and anything to decrease the amount of work I have  
> to do
> would help.  I'm sure a lot of other people are thinking the same  
> thing.
> I think this is the exact response I was hoping for when I wrote this
> e-mail up.  Thanks! :)

Well, as I said, I don't think my customized version won't be of much  
help as I customized in the way I need it. I removed a lot(!!!) of  
stuff from the webif package. I also translated everything into  
german - so you would have to translate it back into german. And all  
I added to setup WiFiDog was the list of MAC addresses that are  
allowed to bypass the login screen. So basicly it's just a fifth the  
options webif provides and all of that reorganized in new categories.  
And as I only added one feature for WiFiDog that wouldn't be of any  
help to others.

Believe me, it's going to be faster do write it for yourself.

And if I would have added all the config settings of WiFiDog I'd  
allready have released it.

But what we as the developers could do is to decide to write an  
extension for webif. I cannot do it at the moment as I am working on  
the translation of WiFiDog and on implementing FCKEditor.

BTW: WiFiDof already "speaks" german for a week, but it still sounds  
not so german at a lot of places. But I'm doing well on converting a  
lot of strings into sprintf.

Cheers, Max!

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