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Philippe April isf_lists at philippeapril.com
Jeu 20 Oct 15:12:34 EDT 2005

I miss architecture meetings like the one we had a Daniel Drouet's  
house 1 year and x months ago to talk about WiFiDog! (kind of a  
hacknight type of thing).

It was nice, all day, cool people with awesome ideas, debating on  
what's best, why not go with this or that solution...

Coding WiFiDog went so smoothly once we had in mind all the small  
details, we did all that on the whiteboard hooked in a weird

Benoit, dès que tu es près, fais signe et on fera un meeting WiFiDog  
de toute une journée en invitant tout le monde qui est intéressé.

J'aimerais beaucoup que le meeting soit très technique (parler  
d'implanter les quotas, etc. au niveau gateway) non spécifique à Ile  
sans Fil car wifidog est quand même utilisé par d'autres, tout en  
gardant dans l'objectif nos.......... objectifs.. :)

Donc on devrait aussi avoir un autre meeting du style: WiFiDog et Ile  
sans Fil qui serait plus orienté vers les buts d'Ile sans Fil et  
plutôt vers le auth server et ce qu'il représente pour les usagers et  
ce qu'il devrait représenter. Ça s'apparente beaucoup avec  
www.ilesansfil.org, c'est ce qu'on montre aux utilisateurs....

Donc essentiellement ce serait un samedi ou un dimanche.

Philippe April
GnuPG http://key.philippeapril.com

On 20-Oct-05, at 1:30 PM, Michael Lenczner wrote:

> On 10/20/05, Benoit Grégoire <bock at step.polymtl.ca> wrote:
>> On October 20, 2005 12:47 pm, Michael Lenczner wrote:
>>> there's no way in hell either of those solutions would work
>>> *.subdomain.ilesansfil.org
>>> or
>>> *.otherdomain.org.
>>> No one would use it or remember it.
>> Actually, that's not necessarily true in the second case,  and it  
>> would at
>> least allow some hand holding of the user if he mistypes,  
>> something we
>> couldn't do if butting it as *.ilesansfil.org.
> Okay - that we could discuss.  If someone can come up with a domain,
> i'm all ears.
> actually, maybe isfquartier.org?  but I still think it's not
> preferred.  already  we are asking people to remember ilesansfil.org.
> so this would just be another url to remember.
>>> Sometimes we have to do things in an ugly way, even if technically
>>> it's not perfect.  And manually creating a new subdomain each time
>>> can't be *that* difficult for each new hotspot.  Would it take more
>>> than 15 min?  Would that be worth it as an organization to have  
>>> people
>>> checking out portal pages from home?
>> Actually it is that difficult, how exactly do we call the first  
>> word in the
>> cafe's domain? It's only clear and unambiguous in a handfull of  
>> places, where
>> the name is a single, non-composed word.  What about   Mars  
>> Vénus,  Parc
>> Émilie-Gamelin, Resto-Pub 100 Génies,  Vices & Versa, Zeke's  
>> Gallery, or my
>> personal favorite Café l'Utopik (people in ISF would probably think
>> utopik.whatever, but most normal people call it café Utopik ,  
>> l'Utopik or
>> Café Ludik).  Even if we made them all consistent and picked a  
>> convention for
>> discarding illegal caracters (&, -, accents), spaces and deciding  
>> what we do
>> with prepositions, how are users supposed to remember the convention?
> marsvenus.ilesansfil.org
> parcemiliegamelin.ilesansfil.org
> restopub100genies.ilesansfil.org
> viceversa.ilesansfil.org
> zekes.ilesansfil.org
> lutopik.ilesansfil.org
> You forgot to ask how we would do chains?  That was the point you
> raised last time I suggested this (a year ago).  Ex: if we had two
> cafeviennes.
> My proposed solution is that if someoen puts in
> cafevienne.ilesansfil.org s/he gets sent to a blank page which says
> only "do you want the cafe vienne on sherbrook and parc?   or the one
> on st.laurent and pine?  each with hyperlinks.  depending on which one
> the user clicked it would send them to cafevienne1.ilesansfil.org or
> cafevienne2.ilesansfil.org  So they would learn which url to go to
> next time.
>> I think using a list or a map, plus creating a single url that  
>> will always
>> redirect to the local portal when you are actually there (and to  
>> the list
>> when you are not) is much more user friendly for our users, and  
>> regulars can
>> always bookmark the result.
> I think the single url is a great idea for people that are there.  But
> I am much more concerned with getting users to use ISF from home.
> Ergo the emphasis on rss feeds.  (I know, i know, no one uses rss
> feeds.  but it is an important step in the right direction).
> A list?  of 60 hotspots?  You want someone to scan a list of 60
> hotspots to find the portal page?  And then instead of giving them a
> url that they can eventually and fairly easily remember you want them
> to bookmark it?
> And have you seen the map recently?  It's cool and all, but even I
> have a hard time finding the hotspot that I want.  It's *very*
> crowded.
> I think discussing this in person and as a group would be good.
> But most importantly, this is a tangible step that we can take *right
> now* with a few of our hotspots to get the quartier project started.
> That's what I'm focused on.  Achieving momentum on this project that
> we've been talking about doing for 2 years.
> mike
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