[isf-wifidog] UI + usecase suggestions for Wifidog portal pages

Scott Tully scott.tully at gmail.com
Jeu 20 Oct 09:35:15 EDT 2005

> The sub-domain thing can be done easily with apache, but I find it's
> a lot of management.
> For every new hotspot, create a DNS entry, create an apache redirect,
> etc. All manually.
> If we put *.ilesansfil.org we can touch everything but I don't find
> it clean, unless we buy a new domain just for that, in my head it
> would just POLLUTE .ilesansfil.org.

If you compiled apache with vhost_alias_module it's almost zero
maintenance. You would just need to create directories.

<VirtualHost ilesansfil.org:80>
  ServerAlias *.ilesansfil.org
  ServerAdmin webmaster at ilesansfil.org
  ServerName www.ilesansfil.org
  UseCanonicalName Off
  VirtualDocumentRoot /var/www/%1/public_html

You'll need a couple vhosts before this one to catch your www, etc..

This should work if you are serving content, otherwise you may be able
to mod_rewrite your way to a redirect.


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