[isf-wifidog] UI + usecase suggestions for Wifidog portal pages

Philippe April isf_lists at philippeapril.com
Jeu 20 Oct 09:21:51 EDT 2005

I think we should focus on releasing a clean 1.0 for Christmas.

The sub-domain thing can be done easily with apache, but I find it's  
a lot of management.

For every new hotspot, create a DNS entry, create an apache redirect,  
etc. All manually.

If we put *.ilesansfil.org we can touch everything but I don't find  
it clean, unless we buy a new domain just for that, in my head it  
would just POLLUTE .ilesansfil.org.

Mike, make sure you're there when we do the wifidog meeting. But for  
me, short-term medium-term stuff should start after we release 1.0.  
Right now is "release" term :)

On 20-Oct-05, at 1:49 AM, Proulx François wrote:

> Hum hum... interesting pretty big wish list for Christmas. I don't  
> know what santas' got in store for you.... Well it will mostly be  
> an iterative process, since it'd be easy to break things apart if  
> we rush this. We'll need to start polishing the MainUI and create  
> the few templates. In parallel, get Dana and Benjamin to clean up  
> the CSS and create some designs... Have Martin create the artwork  
> for ISF (new logo and color scheme). Basically that first part will  
> simply take the same content that we have now, laying it in such a  
> way that it's easier for us to work. Then we can start thinking  
> about the tabs, how we should regroup contents etc... Improve the  
> content management (back-end). Finally we'll think about the sub- 
> domain think, but that might be a pain in the ass to implement  
> cleanly in WiFiDog...
> On 20-Oct-2005, at 1:32 , Michael Lenczner wrote:
>> Hey auth guys (benoit, francois, philippe).
>> I wanted to put down what I wanted for UI (for the typical users) in
>> the short to medium term.  I know that this isn't perfect, but it
>> would be a good start.
>> 1) Same bar that we currently have on the left side.
>> 2) I want things to look fairly blog-ish.  That means showing 10
>> "items" or so. Each item would show up in full (not just a one-line
>> headline). Users would have to scroll to reach the bottom of the  
>> page.
>> 3) The page would have tabs - selectable from the top of the page.
>> The different tabs would be General, QuARTier sounds, quARTier
>> writing, quARTier photos, quARTier video, Events, and News.
>> I am working on finding one system-wide curator for each of these.
>> Ideally curatorship will devolve down the system till we have one
>> curator for each of those at each hotspot.
>> 4) the default tab (general) would have the last 5-20 items posted
>> across the different categories.  each tab would have 1-5 of the last
>> items posted.
>> 5)each tab would have it's own rss feed.
>> 6)each portal page would have an address http://laika.ilesansfil.org,
>> http://lutopik.ilesansfil.org
>> (we decided against that early on for 2 reasons.  1 - because we
>> wanted to keep some content only available for people at the hotspot
>> and 2 - what would we do about 2 cafes with the same name.  I don't
>> think either reason is a deal buster at this point.)
>> 7)There would be a web page somewhere that grouped together *all* new
>> content from the ISF system.  a system-wide tab for quARTier photos,
>> another for audio, etc.  Each of these would also have an rss feed.
>> I don't know how hard any of this stuff is going to be, but I wanted
>> to give my wishlist.
>> cheers,
>> mike
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