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Mar 18 Oct 18:29:26 EDT 2005

so this thread on wsfii is key:

and then it moved to this thread on the wsfii-dev mailing list:

I'm worried that not enough ISF-ers are getting this information of
where our tool fits in the big picture and our opportunities to work
with other groups.

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On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 06:07:32PM -0400, Dana Spiegel wrote:
> Sorry for being so non-communicative on this end. Been reading the
> posts, but haven't had a chance to respond until now.
> (Almost) all of the below is well in line with what NYCwireless wants
> too. We're a little less gung-ho by the art distribution thing, but
> certainly can support it, and would be happy to promote it. Its just not
> a particularly high priority.
> That being said, we're especially interested in creating an essentially
> turn-key solution for setting up hotspots + mesh + managed portal and
> stats. Our idea is to have a product that can be sold by local ISPs that
> contains a WifiDog Node and is preconfigured for both the location and
> the ISP's WAN network. To do this, we really need:
> 1) unification of firmware contents (wifidog + fff or some other mesh)

For my part, I can help somebody integrate WiFiDog with CUWiN.  There is
already some doco on how to integrate 3rd-party sources with CUWiN.
I think it will be easy except for customizing WiFiDog to use IP Filter.
If WiFiDog works with pf already, I am more than happy to switch.


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