[isf-wifidog] problem with radius auth

christian gattermair christian.gattermair at mci.edu
Mer 12 Oct 05:45:41 EDT 2005


i can install and use wifidog with the postgres backend without any problems. 
but when i try to use the radius backend i get the following error message:

Warning: main(Auth/RADIUS.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such 
file or directory in /var/www/wifidog/classes/AuthenticatorRadius.php on line 

Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required 
'Auth/RADIUS.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear') 
in /var/www/wifidog/classes/AuthenticatorRadius.php on line 34

the installation script is also unable to find the radius modules:

Auth_RADIUS	Warning	Try in command line : pear install Auth_RADIUS
Crypt_CHAP	Warning	Try in command line : pear install Crypt_CHAP (mhash and 
mcrypt extensions are needed)

but these modules are installed:

pear list
Installed packages:
Package              Version  State
Archive_Tar          1.1      stable
Auth_RADIUS          1.0.4    stable
Cache                1.5.5RC3 beta
Console_Getopt       1.2      stable
Crypt_CHAP           1.0.0    stable
Date                 1.4.3    stable
File                 1.2.1    stable
Fileinfo             1.0      stable
HTML_Template_IT     1.1      stable
HTTP_Request         1.2.4    stable
Log                  1.8.7    stable
Mail_Mime            1.3.1    stable
Net_IMAP             1.0.3    stable
Net_URL              1.0.14   stable
Net_UserAgent_Detect 2.0.1    stable
PEAR                 1.3.6    stable
SOAP                 0.9.1    beta
Services_Weather     1.3.2    stable
Text_Diff            0.1.1    beta
XML_RPC              1.4.0    stable
XML_Serializer       0.16.0   beta
XML_Util             1.1.1    stable
radius               1.2.4    stable

my system:

debian sarge
php5 (http://packages.dotdeb.org)

thanks for any tipp or hint!

with friendly greetings,

christian gattermair

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