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Jake B otakuj462 at gmail.com
Jeu 17 Nov 11:36:55 EST 2005

Hi all, my name's Jake Beard and I'm programmer who's very interested in
getting into the WifiDog project. I've been following the posts on building
user profiles and it seems like a very good feature!
It seems to me that you could (and should) keep the user registration
process very simple, but then offer up a hyperlink on the portal page, or
the isf page, that allows the user to add information to their account.
Google does this to a limited extent; on their search page, you can log in
to your account (which is the same as your gmail account), and then
customize the search page with all kinds of additional content. The building
of isf profiles could use a similar kind of user interface model.
I'm not quite sure where to start in order to bring myself up to speed with
what's already been done, but I'd love to help out in the implementation of
this new feature... who should I talk to in order to get involved?

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