[isf-wifidog] Traffic shaping: Per user shaping

Jason Potter jasonp at iinet.net.au
Mer 16 Nov 22:58:48 EST 2005

Hi all,


Thanks for the response.  Would love to see it sooner, would contributing
dollars to the development help pull the shaping into v1.0?  






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We are looking into implementing traffic shaping in the first half of 2006,
granted that we complete all the requirements for Wifidog 1.0 soon ...
(Christmas, january ...)


On 16-Nov-2005, at 18:47 , Jason Potter wrote:

Hi All,


I am in the process of spec’ing a free wifi network in Melbourne, Australia.
I have decided to use WifiDog as the captive portal and maybe the Auth
server.  The only piece of the puzzle that is missing for me is the Traffic
shaping.  I see it is on the road map, but was wondering how far off it may


Also if there is anyone in Australia on this list, that would be happy to
talk to me about the solution I have come up with, just drop me an email. 


Thanks in advance




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