[isf-wifidog] Re: profiles

Michael Lenczner mlenczner at gmail.com
Mer 16 Nov 19:09:22 EST 2005

so - philippe and francois are the people to talk to about this (they
both contacted me off list).

If any of you (Jo?, Dana?, WT?) have any requests to make regarding
user profiles - please make them now.

I hope that philippe and francois will write back here for comments
before they finish the job.  this is an extremely important part of
wifidog (in terms of user experience).  for montreal we have a lot of
users and getting them to adopt this is a big challenge and has big
implications for ISF.

On 11/16/05, Michael Lenczner <mlenczner at gmail.com> wrote:
> whoever is doing profiles - (i'm pretty sure it's francois) - I would
> request a good discussion with you before it is done.  I want to hear
> how it's going to work and esp - where it's going to go in terms of a
> lot of the applications we're talking about (jabber, openID,
> rendezvous, etc).  And I want to help chose the fields that are going
> to be available.
> just wanted to make that request.

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