[isf-wifidog] Re: [wirelesstoronto-discuss] code contribution to wifidog auth server

Rob Janes janes.rob at gmail.com
Mer 16 Nov 07:08:12 EST 2005

i'm just about done my install/maintenance mode script.  i like what 
you're saying about a modular approach.  that's a big regret with my script.


Max Horváth wrote:

> Wohoo ...
>>> 2. the install process is not smooth.  i believe it's an  impediment to
>>> bringing wifidog up in new locations.
>>> generally, i like the idea of an install/customization script.  so,
>>> rather than cleaning up the installation instructions, i put some  
>>> effort
>>> into refactoring the install script.  it has become a bit of an
>>> avalanche, but i personally am happy with where it's going.  i didn't
>>> start out wanting to make changes to the core of wifidog-auth, far  
>>> from
>>> it.  however, my install web pages look like a frankenstein monster
>>> (patchwork).  when i tried to smooth that out it was logical to  
>>> plug in
>>> to the existing wifidog-auth UI.  that started me on small changes,
>>> finally, there is the rewritten install script itself.  i would  
>>> like to
>>> contribute that as well.  to be nice, i can put together the install
>>> script so that it is not intrusive to wifidog-auth and plays by the
>>> rules.  i would like to work with someone in isf to make sure it  works
>>> well and not just for me.  later this week i hope to have it  installed
>>> on our devauth server so that you'll be able to see it and consider
>>> whether it too is a useful thing.
> Damn, I just started to write an off-the.scratch installation script.  
> This is because of my next commits which are going to be FCKeditor  
> (that by the way runs great) and PEAR::Cache_Lite integration ...
> The new installer uses the CSS and layout of WiFiDOG auth server but  
> has it's own classes. So it runs on it's own. Also WiFiDog won't be  
> able to run as long as there is the new "install" directory ...
> One reason I wrote it is that it is modular. say you want to add a  
> total new feature you just gotta write a new and add it to the  
> "steps" directory of the "install" directorty. Maintaince of the  
> install script will be as easy as possible.
> But as I won't have any time for the next two weeks, I won't be able  
> to complete it and commit before December.
> After committing the installation script we should decide which  
> installer "is better", but as I designed it to be totally modular I  
> think we could add your extensions to the installer very easily.
> Cheers, Max!
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