[isf-wifidog] Re: [wirelesstoronto-discuss] code contribution to wifidog auth server

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Mar 15 Nov 19:17:25 EST 2005

Wohoo ...

>> 2. the install process is not smooth.  i believe it's an  
>> impediment to
>> bringing wifidog up in new locations.
>> generally, i like the idea of an install/customization script.  so,
>> rather than cleaning up the installation instructions, i put some  
>> effort
>> into refactoring the install script.  it has become a bit of an
>> avalanche, but i personally am happy with where it's going.  i didn't
>> start out wanting to make changes to the core of wifidog-auth, far  
>> from
>> it.  however, my install web pages look like a frankenstein monster
>> (patchwork).  when i tried to smooth that out it was logical to  
>> plug in
>> to the existing wifidog-auth UI.  that started me on small changes,
>> finally, there is the rewritten install script itself.  i would  
>> like to
>> contribute that as well.  to be nice, i can put together the install
>> script so that it is not intrusive to wifidog-auth and plays by the
>> rules.  i would like to work with someone in isf to make sure it  
>> works
>> well and not just for me.  later this week i hope to have it  
>> installed
>> on our devauth server so that you'll be able to see it and consider
>> whether it too is a useful thing.

Damn, I just started to write an off-the.scratch installation script.  
This is because of my next commits which are going to be FCKeditor  
(that by the way runs great) and PEAR::Cache_Lite integration ...

The new installer uses the CSS and layout of WiFiDOG auth server but  
has it's own classes. So it runs on it's own. Also WiFiDog won't be  
able to run as long as there is the new "install" directory ...

One reason I wrote it is that it is modular. say you want to add a  
total new feature you just gotta write a new and add it to the  
"steps" directory of the "install" directorty. Maintaince of the  
install script will be as easy as possible.

But as I won't have any time for the next two weeks, I won't be able  
to complete it and commit before December.

After committing the installation script we should decide which  
installer "is better", but as I designed it to be totally modular I  
think we could add your extensions to the installer very easily.

Cheers, Max!

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