[isf-wifidog] WifiDog UI Diagrams and page map

Proulx François fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Lun 7 Nov 14:24:54 EST 2005

>     a) indicate how to break up the pages to maximize reusable  
> components (this should be mostly clear)
>     b) indicate the permissions for each page and/or section of  
> each page
> Does someone who is more familiar with the internal design of  
> WifiDog want to take a shot at 2b? We can do this by giving a red  
> background to any page/component that requires admin level access,  
> and maybe a blue background for any component that requires  
> registered user level access.

I will have a look tomorrow. Send you the list of pages that must be  

> Also, it would be helpful if the person who put together the  
> content management system wrote down a 1 page description about how  
> it works.

There you go :

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