[isf-wifidog] WifiDog UI Diagrams and page map

Dana Spiegel dana at nycwireless.net
Lun 7 Nov 14:12:58 EST 2005

Almost. We need to update what I've done to make it (a) correct, (b) 
complete, and (c) change some of the pages/layout to be more usable 
(I've done some of this, but have more ideas).

I'll also write up a page on philosophy and methodology for the UI, so 
that any new pages will be sure to fit in properly with the existing system.

Once we do this (maybe a week or so of work), we can develop the HTML 
and a sample CSS.

Some things to note:
1) The document I sent out details the structure of the pages, not the 
actual final form. It is meant to detail only the components on each 
page, and highlight what is common among pages.
2) We still need to:
    a) indicate how to break up the pages to maximize reusable 
components (this should be mostly clear)
    b) indicate the permissions for each page and/or section of each page

Does someone who is more familiar with the internal design of WifiDog 
want to take a shot at 2b? We can do this by giving a red background to 
any page/component that requires admin level access, and maybe a blue 
background for any component that requires registered user level access.

Also, it would be helpful if the person who put together the content 
management system wrote down a 1 page description about how it works. 
 From the data structure, it seems to define a handful of base types, 
and then use these base types to build up more complex types in a pseudo 
self-referential mechanism. Since this is very different from the way 
data objects are normally built (especially in SQL), it would be helpful 
to understand how it is designed (very oo-like) and especially why it 
was designed this way (so when we start hiding large pieces of it from 
normal view, we can make sure we make good decisions for how they behave 
behind the scenes).


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Proulx François wrote:
> Wow ! Awesome. All the hard work you've put into this is so 
> appreciated :-) So I guess that from this you will be able to come up 
> with HTML shells with clean CSS.
> Thank you very much
> On 7-Nov-2005, at 8:47 , Dana Spiegel wrote:
>> As a first step in our work to fix the WifiDog UI, I created a page 
>> map and a set of UI diagrams. These are helpful for talking about 
>> changes, and also making sure that what gets implemented is uniform 
>> across the app.
>> You can download the pdf 
>> here: http://www.sociabledesign.com/file_download/42
>> You can download the OmniGraffle diagram 
>> here: http://www.sociabledesign.com/file_download/43
>> Please read through and send comments/changes. I have already tried a 
>> little bit to clean up the UI in this version. For example, Reports 
>> are a first class page, instead of being made part of the Network and 
>> Node Information pages.
>> Please note, this is far from complete. Its only a first pass and 
>> needs lots of work.
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