[isf-wifidog] WifiDog UI Diagrams and page map

Dana Spiegel dana at nycwireless.net
Lun 7 Nov 08:47:35 EST 2005

As a first step in our work to fix the WifiDog UI, I created a page  
map and a set of UI diagrams. These are helpful for talking about  
changes, and also making sure that what gets implemented is uniform  
across the app.

You can download the pdf here: http://www.sociabledesign.com/ 
You can download the OmniGraffle diagram here: http:// 

Please read through and send comments/changes. I have already tried a  
little bit to clean up the UI in this version. For example, Reports  
are a first class page, instead of being made part of the Network and  
Node Information pages.

Please note, this is far from complete. Its only a first pass and  
needs lots of work.

Dana Spiegel
Executive Director
dana at NYCwireless.net
+1 917 402 0422

Read the Wireless Community blog: http://www.wirelesscommunity.info

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