[isf-wifidog] Fatal error with Debian Sarge

Dana Spiegel dana at nycwireless.net
Dim 6 Nov 15:26:47 EST 2005

Please do send me the configure params for PHP 5. That might fix the  
problem, and if it does, that would be the easiest fix. I'm not the  
person who installed the packages (Dustin @ NYCwireless runs this  
server), but will speak to him about what you indicate below.

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On Nov 6, 2005, at 2:41 PM, Max Horváth wrote:

> Hi Dana,
>> i know it doesnt answer the question but why are you not using the
>> http://packages.dotdeb.org version (5.0.5-1.dotdeb.1 at this time) of
>> php5 that have been compiled for sarge.
>> (anyway from where your 5.0.4 version is coming ?)
>> They are very good i think and they work well.
> I wouldn't use those. I.e. by adding the list to sources.list  
> you'll get problems with mysql, in case you installed it.
> Furthermore the php5 package doesn't provide all php features you  
> could need.
>> for your problem, i dont really know, are you maybe using
>> .htaccess or thing that use special module (like rewrite) on the
>> dir where is wifidog ?
> Rewrite doesn't cause any problems here (running Debian Srage  
> stable with Apache 2 package and self- compiled PHP5).
>>>        a Debian Sarge (+ PHP 5.0.4 and Postgres 8.0.4 from  
>>> experimental).
>>>        We are having issues with WifiDog in that it crashes PHP  
>>> whenever a
>>>        page is viewed. We've never had a proper page display through
>>>        WifiDog, but can see a page with phpinfo() displaying, so  
>>> PHP seems
>>>        to work fine.
> Why are you using a package from experimental? I'd suggest to  
> switch back to stable ASAP.
> PostgreSQL 7, which is provided by stable is all you need to run  
> WiFiDog.
>>>        The error we get in the apache error.log: [notice] child  
>>> pid 12885
>>>        exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
> Well, I had a similiar error when enabling eAccelerator (a cache  
> and optimizer for PHP).
> But I checked your phpinfo() ... you didn't install it - so no  
> problem here.
>>>        Does anyone have ideas as to what might be happening, or  
>>> suggestions
>>>        as to what to look into to find out what's wrong?
> Well, as I said, I'd suggest to switch back to stable ... install  
> the Apache 2 package and compile PHP5.
> If you want, I can send you our documentation for this.
> Or I could send you the configure paramters for the PHP5  
> compilation at least.
> Cheers, Max!
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