[isf-wifidog] Further development of WiFiDog

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Mar 1 Nov 21:13:45 EST 2005

>> My next step is to integrate FCKeditor as a content plugin.
> That's good, As I told you in London, we need to make sure we can
> configure the options available to the user. We don't want (at Ile  
> Sans
> Fil at least) that the users select any color (maybe link that to a  
> CSS, I
> think FCKeditor is pretty smart). Anyway don't worry commit stuff and
> we'll improve it with you...

Exactly the way I'm implementing it right now.

The plugin uses the DependencyCheck class, so nothing to worry about.

>> Now I got a a question regarding this: why don't we deliver any
>> libraries with WiFiDog? FCKeditor for example has been released under
>> the LGPL.
> Good GPL and LGPL are compatible AFAIK. Although we tend not to  
> package
> them with Wifidog since we don't want to have other software mixed  
> on our
> CVS... Although we *could*, we'll think about it, release it in the
> "full-featured" WiFidog 1.0 package. Nonetheless, make sure it's still
> possible to use Wifidog, without FCKeditor (if undetected, revert to
> standard textarea).

Well, let's take FCKeditor for example. It comes very bloated ...  
implementations for ASP, Perl and so on ... everything not needed.  
AFAIK I already deleted more than 50% of the files, becaus they are  
not needed. I think it would be a smart step. The only thing we'd  
have to do is to apply patches.

>> The next question is: do we have an own IRC channel? There are a few
>> questions which could be discussed in an IRC channel much faster.
> We do have an IRC channel for Ile Sans Fil, not for Wifidog, but I  
> have to
> admit I personnaly don't like IRC. I know Benoit is on ISF channel  
> most of
> the time... so that's good.
> See ya and cheers for your first commit :-)

Nice ... what's the address?

Cheers, Max!

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