[isf-wifidog] Further development of WiFiDog

Francois Proulx fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Mar 1 Nov 20:34:24 EST 2005

> the german translation has been commited to the developers CVS
> server ... so it should be available to the anonymous CVS server in a
> few hours.

Good ! I'll have a look.

> My next step is to integrate FCKeditor as a content plugin.

That's good, As I told you in London, we need to make sure we can
configure the options available to the user. We don't want (at Ile Sans
Fil at least) that the users select any color (maybe link that to a CSS, I
think FCKeditor is pretty smart). Anyway don't worry commit stuff and
we'll improve it with you...

> Now I got a a question regarding this: why don't we deliver any
> libraries with WiFiDog? FCKeditor for example has been released under
> the LGPL.

Good GPL and LGPL are compatible AFAIK. Although we tend not to package
them with Wifidog since we don't want to have other software mixed on our
CVS... Although we *could*, we'll think about it, release it in the
"full-featured" WiFidog 1.0 package. Nonetheless, make sure it's still
possible to use Wifidog, without FCKeditor (if undetected, revert to
standard textarea).

> The next question is: do we have an own IRC channel? There are a few
> questions which could be discussed in an IRC channel much faster.

We do have an IRC channel for Ile Sans Fil, not for Wifidog, but I have to
admit I personnaly don't like IRC. I know Benoit is on ISF channel most of
the time... so that's good.

See ya and cheers for your first commit :-)

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