[isf-wifidog] Further development of WiFiDog

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Mar 1 Nov 20:26:47 EST 2005

Hi folks,

the german translation has been commited to the developers CVS  
server ... so it should be available to the anonymous CVS server in a  
few hours.

My next step is to integrate FCKeditor as a content plugin.

Now I got a a question regarding this: why don't we deliver any  
libraries with WiFiDog? FCKeditor for example has been released under  
the LGPL. As far as I understand this license we would be allowed to  
deliver FCKeditor with WIFIDog. So why don't we do our users a favour  
and deliver only the files needed from a library we're using together  
with its license file?

The next question is: do we have an own IRC channel? There are a few  
questions which could be discussed in an IRC channel much faster.

Cheers, Max!

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