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Scott Tully scott.tully at gmail.com
Mar 21 Juin 10:57:30 EDT 2005

> > If you are not on a WRT, then i would suggest using local DNS and
> > apache virtual hosts to capture and redirect them from the gateway to
> > the authserver.  WRT users i guess would need libhttpd to help them
> > with the redirect?
> I don't think I understand what you mean.  From what I understand, we just
> made the URL yet a little shorter (from "http://community.org to
> http://status) but at the cost of a dependency on captive DNS.

not sure if i would call it "captive".... just local.  i already run
dnsmasq on all my gateways so if i wanted to do this i would add        status

to /etc/hosts then have apache handle the request for "status". or you
might need to use the gateway ip and apache on the gateway itself to
grab the ip of the user in case the user opens a new browser and
looses the session.  not sure really, just throughing it out there.  I
like using the entire system, but since most of you are wrt users,
this probably doesn't apply.  This seems like an awful lot to just get
the user to a stats page that they probably won't even know exists. :(

I would force the popup. the user still has the option to close it. 
Although we obviosuly share common interests, there is a difference of
opinion on users "rights".


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