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Scott Tully scott.tully at gmail.com
Mar 21 Juin 09:22:07 EDT 2005

> > Does this work with popup blockers ?
> Mostly

I attached a few files you can use to get by *all* popup blockers.  I
haven't found one that stopped my popup yet.   See the redirect.php
for the code to trigger the popup.

FYI - popups don't work on most PDA's. 

> > I was trying to think of way that a user could go to the auth server to
> > check their details without knowing the address. i.e., they type mystatus
> > as the URL and it takes them to the right server.
> Well, it doesn't solve the problem of the user still closing the window.  On
> the TODO list is allowing the user to type the auth server root adress to be
> taken back to to the portal, but that won't make it into 1.0.

The user would still need to know an address, just a short one instead
of a long one ;-).  This still leaves an issue of cummunicating to the
user how to get to the stats page.

If you are not on a WRT, then i would suggest using local DNS and
apache virtual hosts to capture and redirect them from the gateway to
the authserver.  WRT users i guess would need libhttpd to help them
with the redirect?

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