[isf-wifidog] Ile Sans Fil moves to Tiki? (Old Pages?)

Daniel Lemay daniel at daniel-lemay.com
Lun 20 Juin 11:48:10 EDT 2005

Hi Rob,

The old site will still be available for a while. Just switch "www" for 
"old" and your there. The old site will disappear after we're finished 
with the old wiki migration. We'll put a note on the new site to let 
people know about it.

Le 05-06-20, à 11:38, Rob Kelley a écrit :

> Hi again:
> It seems the site has moved to a TikiWiki site.  It looks nice.
> Are the old pages still available?  We're still referencing that old 
> information, like:
> http://www.ilesansfil.org/wiki/Members
> http://www.ilesansfil.org/wiki/WiFiDog
> http://www.ilesansfil.org/wiki/WifiDog/InstallationWRT54G
> By the way, has anyone looked into Radius integration between WiFiDog 
> and Tiki?   The idea is that a user can log on to a hotspot and 
> simultaneous be logged into the central Tiki site.  It seems doable 
> via Radius--I haven't looked into it though.
> Rob Kelley
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